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Rock Life: Crystal Grid and Gem Elixir

gem elixir

A photo from our recent spiritual protection workshop, jokingly called “Defense Against the Dark Arts”.   The grid has smoky quartz, lapis lazuli, kyanite in quartz, indigo gabbro, Himalayan salt, Ocean Jasper, labradorite, carnelian, polychrome jasper, black tourmaline, palo santo, and cat’s eye shell.

The gem elixir has a labradorite sculpted ammonite, natural turquoise, amethyst, violet flame agate, clear quartz, ocean jasper, black tourmaline cat’s eye, and pipestone.

5 Steps for Effective Energy Work: Responsible Practices

So, okay… you’re ready to rock and roll and get some good work done.  Perhaps you have something you’d like to accomplish and put into motion, but you’re not entirely sure what kind of logical flow is the most efficient?  Pretty much all energy work follows a similar progression.  I consider these steps a big part of “responsible practices” as you go forward with your energy work.

There are some things you should be doing to make sure you aren’t being inappropriate or somehow missing the point of working within Divine Will.  Just because you CAN do energy work to support the manifestation of some goal you desire, doesn’t mean you always SHOULD.  “Spiritual CYA” features predominantly in the flow of work I do.  Fer shizzle.  I know I’m just a wee bit of a being and I always kick things back to the Divine to edit me.

You can do this kind of work with or without tools.  Everything I can do with a rock or physical tool, I can do without one… so I want to share both the direct action statements that I use, as well as physical tools that I would recommend.  All good.

1) Connect to the Divine/Spiritual Helpers
There are many traditions, cultures, and strategies for connecting to the Divine.  Use whichever way is in alignment with your own belief system.  

Direct Action Statement: “I request to connect to the Divine and appropriate Spiritual Helpers, now please.”

2) Create Sacred & Protected Space
Again, there are a ton of ways to create Sacred Space depending on your particular tradition.  Use what works for you.  I often Call the Directions, which is a bit shamanic, while smudging in the direction that I’m calling.  I usually make a cross within a circle in each direction.  Smudging is the use of ceremonial smoke, such as white sage, palo santo, or some other kind of cleansing herb or incense.

Direct Action Statement: “I ask for love and protection from the North, South, East, West, Above, Below, and Within, now please.”

Alternate Action Statement: “I ask for the creation of Sacred Space, now please.” 

Tool Recommendations:  I’m a firm believer in maintaining solid energetic boundaries, both around myself and my environments.  You know, it’s just a good idea to lock your energetic doors.  All black stones are protective in some way, lodestone has an attract/repel thing going on, stones that call in the Divine help, because Spiritual Helpers being “on task” is probably the best way to create sacred space in the first place.  You can also use smudging items, such as palo santo, white sage, or ceremonial incense like sandalwood, frankincense, or whatever.  My favorite grid for this is the Guardian Angel Shield grid.  Heck, when it comes to spiritual and energetic protection, I say layer up and do several things.  No such thing as too much protection.  Put your back into that shit.  Word.

Guardian Angel Grid

3) Prepare Yourself for Work
Getting yourself in the space to work is always a groovy idea too.  You’ll want to do some kind of cleansing and aligning activity.  Much of the protective steps/tools you use to create sacred space also have cleansing and purifications qualities for you, so additional aligning/centering work within your system becomes quite useful.  The more centered and aligned you are, the easier it is for spiritual energy to move through you without obstruction.

Direct Action Statement: “I request to clear, align, and harmonize my system, now please, and to be prepared in any other way necessary for the work.”

Tool Recommendations:  I really like the Chakra Alignment Whirlwind Grid for doing centering and aligning work.  Again, the individual stones from the grid would be useful too.  Petrified wood is another good option, so is selenite, kyanite, chiastolite, double terminated points, that kind of thing.  You’ll want to work with something that has an aligned structure.  I have been especially impressed with how wonderful ammonites and nautaloids are for chakra and energy system alignment, which is a huge feature in the Chakra Alignment Whirlwind Grid.  Christopher made a believer out of me over  year ago when I began having kundalini misfiring issues, which hurt like a mo’ fo.  I used some combination of ammonites, nautaloids, and sand dollars.  You can check out the following pocket rock sets: Kundilini Rising: Nadi & Meridian Sweep, Chakra Aligning & Protection.

whirlwind Grid

4) State Your Intentions Clearly & Allow for Spiritual Assistance
I am such an advocate of using clarified intention, either by itself or with the use of tools.  I mean a  Big Advocate.  My book, Awake in Angelscape, is essentially a highly structured progression of healing activities that are woven and able to be downloaded through the use of meticulously defined intention sets. When you list your intentions, really put your back into it.  Be redundant if the intention has a nuance you want to address.  Also be sure to allow the Divine to “correct and perfect” your work so that it can be edited.  I call this “Spiritual CYA” (CYA= Cover Your Ass)  You don’t want to be asking for shit that is not within Divine Will, eh?  Since we’re little… just, you know… allow the Divine to tweak your work.

Direct Action Statement:  “I request for the intentions that I have stated to be corrected in perfection, brought within Divine Will, and manifested in the most appropriate way possible with Ease & Grace.  I give permission to the Divine and the appropriate Spiritual Helpers to assist in whatever way to accomplish my  goals.”  (Usually a good idea to say thanks…)

Tool Recommendations:  To create your goals and intention sets, you need mental clarity and guidance, as well as a way to ground and anchor and manifest the gathering energies that show up to support your work.  Clear quartz, citrine, root chakra support stones, blue stones, fluorite, that kind of thing.  I’d say that the Root Chakra Grid, after working with aligning tools, would be good “manifestation” support.

Root Grid

5)  SEAL Your Work!!!! 
That could be it’s own blog article, frankly, the need to seal your work. Seriously, it’s an important an often overlooked step.  You just did a ton of work and if you don’t seal it, it can be unwoven over time, tampered with, or otherwise lose potency.  That isn’t efficient spiritual work if you have to go back and redo things you have already done.  You want to leave the responsibility of the work you do firmly in the hands of the Divine. Below I’m sharing the action statement that I use for all work that I do that I want to, you know… work.  You might want to just cut it down to one word “seal”, but I have never wanted to scale back on the phrase for years, so I figure that there is a reason that I say each word.  Each word is its own intention set, basically. But whatevs.  You can scale down if you want if you feel prompted.

Direct Action Statement: “I request to Bless, Optimize, Stabilize, Amplify, and Seal this work under the Divine.” 

Or “I request to Seal this work under the Divine.”

Yeah, you don’t need tools for that.  You just need to ~remember~ to do it.

Rock on with your fabulous selves. 🙂

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