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Rock Life: The Grove Arcade

Grove Arcade
The Grove Arcade was constructed from 1926-1929.   Dr. E. W. Grove intended the building to be an arcade, the ancestor of the shopping mall, with a fifteen story hotel above it.  After his death in 1927 and the stock market crash in 1929, plans for the sky scraper on top were abandoned.

The US government took over the structure during the 1940’s, enclosing it in brick.   The building was restored and reopened to the public in 2002.  Nader Kawar, the owner of Enter the Earth, started our mineral gallery in the renovated Grove Arcade that year.  We were only the third business inside.  We were originally in suite #124, the smaller space just to the left of our present location, and expanded to suite #125 in 2006.

Take a virtual tour of Enter the Earth’s retail store inside the Grove Arcade by clicking here.

© 2014, Images and Text, Christopher Lee Matthews