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Rock Life: Clearing Bowl Technique

clearing bowl
A photo from our “Many Ways to Work with Stones” workshop, showing the clearing bowl technique for purifying stones.   Simply add materials to a bowl or covered dish with the intention for them to cleanse stones added later, like a dishwasher.   Periodically the bowl itself will need attention.

This example has Himalayan salt, selenite, smoky quartz, obsidian, black tourmaline, ametrine, labradorite, and Ocean Jasper.   Clear quartz, kyanite, amethyst, citrine, carnelian, and pyrite would also be suitable.   Herbs and resins associated with purification like frankincense, dragon’s blood. hyssop, sage, cedar, sweetgrass, and lavender can also be added.

© 2014, Images and Text, Christopher Lee Matthews

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Rock Life: Tiered Crystal Stone Grid

Tiered Crystal Stone Grid

Three tiered crystal stone grid from our intuitive development workshop with local psychic, medium, and energy worker Deborah Hendrickson from Sacred Tree Visions.

Bottom layer: amethyst, Lemurian diamond quartz, rose quartz, girasol quartz, celadonite phantom quartz, quartz with epidote, shungite, ocean jasper, dendritic opal, and black moonstone.

Table: golden healer quartz, Lemurian seed crystal quartz, lapis lazuli, labradorite, and spectralite.

Tiered Crystal Stone Grid 02
Middle layer: amethyst, covellite, fluorite, lithium quartz, singing quartz, Campo del Cielo meteorite, selenite, amazonite, and purple candle quartz.

Top layer: amethyst, polished lepidolite, scolecite, Lemurian seed crystal quartz, Moldavite tektite, charoite, azurite, celestite, and rough lepidolite.

© 2014, Images and Text, Christopher Lee Matthews

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Land of the Sky: North Carolina Quartz

North Carolina Quartz
North Carolina Quartz has its place.  Although we specialize in Madagascan stones, North Carolina itself has amazing minerals.  Here are two natural smoky quartz points with an iridescent yellow sheen, caused by iron oxide inclusions just beneath the surface.

North Carolina Quartz Rist Mine
A tiny North Carolina quartz cluster with mica, colored golden yellow by iron oxide inclusions.

North Carolina Quartz Reverse Scepter
A smoky quartz point with layered secondary growth, often called “record keepers” in the metaphysical community, especially when they form as triangles, with a reverse scepter near the tip.

All of the examples above are  from the North American Emerald Mine (NAEM), formerly known as the Rist Mine, in Hiddenite, North Carolina.

Enter the Earth in downtown Asheville, NC has a local mineral section showcasing quartz from this unusual locality.   More is also available at our sister site:

© 2014, Images and Text, Christopher Lee Matthews

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Rock Life: Double Decker Crystal Grid

double decker grid
A double decker grid to support meditation during our workshop on crystal grid techniques.  The upper level has: included natural citrine, spectralite, tektite, Peruvian common opal, lithium quartz, and lepidolite.  The lower level includes: Kabamby Ocean Jasper, Kabamba jasper, hematoid rose quartz, amethyst, garnet, and covellite with pyrite.

© 2014, Images and Text, Christopher Lee Matthews

Be sure to visit our TWO online stores: The Metaphysical Department of Enter the Earth and Enter the Earth.

Rock Life: The Grove Arcade

Grove Arcade
The Grove Arcade was constructed from 1926-1929.   Dr. E. W. Grove intended the building to be an arcade, the ancestor of the shopping mall, with a fifteen story hotel above it.  After his death in 1927 and the stock market crash in 1929, plans for the sky scraper on top were abandoned.

The US government took over the structure during the 1940’s, enclosing it in brick.   The building was restored and reopened to the public in 2002.  Nader Kawar, the owner of Enter the Earth, started our mineral gallery in the renovated Grove Arcade that year.  We were only the third business inside.  We were originally in suite #124, the smaller space just to the left of our present location, and expanded to suite #125 in 2006.

Take a virtual tour of Enter the Earth’s retail store inside the Grove Arcade by clicking here.

© 2014, Images and Text, Christopher Lee Matthews

Rock Life: Enter the Earth Downtown Store, Asheville

Enter the Earth Front DisplayThe “Mother Madagascar” table at the Enter the Earth gallery, showcasing all the amazing minerals, rocks, and fossils that come from the island.  We are suite #125 in the historic Grove Arcade, in downtown Asheville.

The most visible things in the photo are a gigantic pair of split ammonite fossils and a large labradorite free form.

To see a virtual tour of our store, click here!

Rock Life: Ocean Jasper

ocean jasper slabs

We have a very close relationship to Ocean Jasper, an amazing orbicular chalcedony found in only one location on earth, the northwest corner of Madagascar!  Amy and Nader Kawar own Enter the Earth.  Nader’s mentor is Paul Obeniche, the gentlemen who rediscovered Ocean Jasper in 1999.  Our company now manages the operation of the mine.

To see Ocean Jasper at, please click here.

Rock Life: Crystal Grid and Gem Elixir

gem elixir

A photo from our recent spiritual protection workshop, jokingly called “Defense Against the Dark Arts”.   The grid has smoky quartz, lapis lazuli, kyanite in quartz, indigo gabbro, Himalayan salt, Ocean Jasper, labradorite, carnelian, polychrome jasper, black tourmaline, palo santo, and cat’s eye shell.

The gem elixir has a labradorite sculpted ammonite, natural turquoise, amethyst, violet flame agate, clear quartz, ocean jasper, black tourmaline cat’s eye, and pipestone.