Fooling with the Deck: Week 12: Justice (11, 1+1 = 2)

This blog is part of a series on the historical and metaphysical tarot, Fooling with the Deck:  A DIY Journey through the Tarot.

Justice Card
(An early 18th century Justice card, from the Jean Dodal version of the Tarot de Marseille, after which most 19th century esoteric decks were based.)

Numerology focuses primarily on numbers between 1 to 10.  Anything higher is reduced down by adding its digits together, until a smaller number is reached.  For example, 11 may be seen as an extension of 2 because 1+1 = 2.  Like the High Priestess and Judgement, some of Justice’s meaning derives from its relationship to 2.

The earliest surviving tarot decks have unnamed and unnumbered trump cards.  From the 16th to 19th centuries, different printers in France, Switzerland, and Italy produced similar looking decks, adding both names and Roman numerals to the trumps.  The printing press made the tarot accessible to the general public and helped standardize the number, order, and appearance of the cards.

This group of similarly looking decks was later named the “Tarot of Marseille”.  The pattern may have spread from the French port city, a major manufacturer of playing cards historically, but likely originated in Italy.

Almost all decks today follow a variation of this Tarot of Marseille sequence. The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a Victorian magic society interested in Western esoteric traditions, believed the tarot trumps signified the twenty two letters of the Hebrew alphabet and corresponding elements, planets, and zodiac signs.

(The Justice card from the early 20th century Rider-Waite deck, after which most of our contemporary decks are designed.)

Their model switched the positions of Strength and Justice, associated with Leo and Libra respectively.  The Strength card shows a woman with a lion, like Leo the zodiac sign.  It was changed from 11 to 8.  The figure of Justice bears scales like Libra.  It was changed from 8 to 11.  The Golden Dawn believed this reversal corrected an occult blind, an intentional mistake used to conceal information from the uninitiated.  The early 20th century Rider-Waite deck preserved the switch.  Since most contemporary decks are based upon it, this modified sequence became the standard.

Besides this change in order, the Justice card has remained very consistent over time.  Both the early 18th century Marseille deck and early 20th century Rider-Waite depict a seated crowned woman, facing forward, with a sword in her right hand and scales in her left.  The Rider-Waite places her between two pillars, like the High Priestess.  Justice is not blind in the tarot, that motif became popular during the 16th century.

This imagery is typical of Medieval and Renaissance allegories of Justice.  Her iconography ultimately derives from representations of the Roman goddess Iustitia (“justice”), herself modeled on the Greek goddess Themis (“custom, law, right”).

Three out of the four cardinal virtues are tarot trumps: Justice, Temperance, and Strength.  Only Prudence is missing. However all four are found in the Minchiate, a 15th century Florentine deck similar to the tarot but with 97 cards.  This has led to speculation whether the card is missing or signified by an existing trump, from the Hanged Man to the World.

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Rose Quartz Crystals – Exotic Varieties

I have written a fairly comprehensive blog article on your regular variety of rose quartz that you can see by clicking here.  It’s a good place to start  to learn about the basic foundation of rose quartz’s meaning and healing properties.

And then there are the exotic varieties of rose quartz that are pretty dang potent and ah-mazing.  Va-va-voom.

I call them “exotic” rose quartz because it’s like taking the sweet goddess next door and blending her with something mysterious and beguiling, and perhaps a little less subtle.  One of the reasons I work for Enter the Earth is because I was floored by all the different exotic rose quartz they imported from Madagascar.  I mean.  Seriously.  Who knew that rose quartz had all this in her?

Click the photo to see Star Rose Quartz at

Star Rose Quartz: This rose quartz is a very “gemmy” or translucent  form that also has tiny little dumortierite fibers that create an asterism effect on the surface of the stone when a bright light is shining on it.  Three rays, or lines, of light will intersect at some place on the rock and create a 6-ray star.  Stars symbolize the heavens and so bring in a higher aspect of Divine Love to the mix. There is also the energy of being in “Divine Alignment”. Dumortierite is actually a blue mineral.  Blue quartz is basically quartz with a bunch of dumortierite in it.  Even though you cannot see it, it adds psychic expansion and sight to the mix as well.

Click the photo to see Pink Girasol Rose Quartz at

Pink Girasol: Star rose quartz and girasol quartz often grow in the same area and can sometimes toddle into each other’s territory.  This can make it challenging to determine when star rose quartz stops and girasol begins.  That is why girasol is sometimes called “white rose quartz” and very pale star rose quartz is sometimes considered “pink girasol”.  I’ve noticed that pale star rose quartz/pink girasol may not have as distinctive of a star, although it will have other more girasoly characteristics, like appearing with a golden hue when you look through it at a light, as well as looking like it is illuminated from within.

Click to see this point at

Lavender Rose Quartz:  Obviously, this kind of rose quartz is one that goes off into light or darker violet, purple, or lavender tones.  It’s like rose quartz and amethyst had a baby when this happens.  It’s quite beautiful and adds another layer of spiritual expansion, but it also seems to be a bit more “protective” than other forms of rose quartz.  I did a crystal whisper on a piece of lavender rose quartz years ago and a bunch of Amazon-like women warriors were associated with it.  “Warriors of the Heart” might be a good way to describe them.

sacred heart
Click photo to see more Sacred Heart Rose Quartz.

Hematoid Rose Quartz:  I didn’t even know this was a possible combination until this past year. Whew.  This is basically hematite included rose quartz. It’s rare and it’s awesome.  I did a separate reading it, which I call “Sacred Heart” Rose Quartz.  The easiest description I use to describe it is that Mother Mary and Kali had a baby.  It looks like there is blood within the rose quartz.  Yeah, not a very subtle version, but extremely useful when things are not going very well.

See this Magenta Rose Quartz “Flame” by clicking the photo.

Magenta Rose Quartz: The magenta rose quartz is just really, really dark rose quartz.  It doesn’t necessarily go into the violet area, but sort of does.  The magenta rose quartz has more distinctive purification energies associated with it.  When I did a reading on it years ago, it gave the name “Flame of the Rose”.  Hot stuff.


Blue Rose Quartz Sphere
Click the photo to see Blue Rose Quartz at

Blue Rose Quartz: I can’t believe I forgot this super rare form of rose quartz when I first wrote this article.  It really is so special.  Blue roses are a symbol in alchemy as something that is impossible because it doesn’t happen in nature.  It is also a religious symbol of Mother Mary.  Blue Rose Quartz is a type of in-between Girasol and Rose Quartz that does actually have a blue hue to it in some light, pink in others, and when you hold it up to the light, gives a golden glow.

Energetically it deals with the integration of the heart and mind and of the emotions and intellect. I actually see it as a type of “sacred union” stone because it is also very much like the joining of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.  It is one of the stones that I have in my pillow case that I make sure is in my energy field for extended times each day. Christopher and I have only ever found them in the batches of rose quartz from Madagascar and we gave it the name Blue Rose Quartz because of its amazing properties.

It would be especially useful to hang out with Blue Rose Quartz to crank up spiritual and intuitive abilities or to assist you to move into that internal sacred space though meditation where you are more deeply plugged into the spiritual level and the Divine.

Elestial Rose Quartz:  Super rare.  This is rose quartz that actually forms terminations, or points.  Usually, the points are teeny tiny, but boy are they buzzy.  If you can even find some, it’s a great resource to have.  Yeah, I don’t have a photo for that it’s so rare.  Google it.  Google knows everything.

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She Said: “Sacred Heart” Hematoid Rose Quartz

Hematoid rose quartz is pretty rare stuff from Madagascar.

Sacred Heart Rose Quartz

Sometimes it takes awhile to get back around to some of the raw readings that Christopher and I have done.  I just looked at my notes and the first pass at hematoid rose quartz was 3/28/13.

Damn, I hadn’t even left my husband yet, but the situation was getting pretty intense.  At this point, more than a year has passed, I left my husband, spent a whole year in the separation process, lost a very dear friend to cancer, and am now officially divorced.  There was more, but that stuff even bores the crap out of me, so I’ll spare you.

Sacred Heart Rose Quartz

My last year was utter chaos.  2013 was bad.  Super bad.  Super effing bad with a can of “holy shit” poured over it.  Looking over my notes from March 2013, wow.  It’s like the Universe knew or something. (And yes, I am saying that somewhat sarcastically, but with proper respect.)

I’ve had a Sacred Heart piece in my pillow case since the time of the original reading.  I’ve often carried some in my pocket, used it in energy work, created gem elixirs with it, and have stuffed it in my bra on many occasions.

2013 was the year of needing this kind of intercession for me.  Even Christopher needed it.  As soon as we finished the reading, his mother called to let him know his uncle had just passed.  Spooky rock.

There is something deeply feminine, and yet, also deeply kick ass about the combination of hematite and rose quartz.  Think Mother Mary (sweet, nurturing love and comfort) and Kali (destroyer of illusion and eater of demons).  Tough Love. Uh, yeah.  Bada bing, bada BOOM.

sacred heart  rose quartz

Sacred Heart Hematoid Rose Quartz is definitely a trauma care and crisis worker.  It’s the stone you grab when you are having a bad day, week, month, or year.  I don’t just mean  bad.  I mean super bad.

It’s the stone you grab when you have a shit ton of personal work and transformation to slog through that is hairy, scary, painful, and that pushes you to the edge of being able to pass for sane.  It’s the stone you grab when it hurts like hell and you are exhausted in the marrow of your bones, but you have to suck-it-up-and-deal anyway.

It is both the red hot fire of purification and transformation and the sweet aftercare and comfort needed to actually get through it alive.

There are a few key phrases from the reading that I want to share:
-Care for life’s battles.
-Rectification of love and hate in the heart.
-Divine Feminine blood and womb mysteries.
-Intercession and assistance from the spiritual level.
-Brings Crown, Root, and Heart into alignment.
-Purification after trauma and during crisis.
-“Behold mirror of the soul, a balm to the wounded, heart of life blood, and an ear to the cries of the world.”

It did actually name itself during the reading and it seemed quite fitting, so we didn’t argue.  Our Mammas didn’t raise no fools.

Useful Protocols:
-It would be fabulous to use this type of rose quartz in a Heart Breathing process.  To do that, hold it up to your heart or heart chakra and using your imagination, breathe as if through the rock and into your chest cavity.  The intention is to breathe back out anything not present in your Highest Good that is blocking up your heart or emotional body.  It has somewhat more purification energies.
-Nearness: When shit is actively hitting the fan, get as much Sacred Heart time in your auric field as you can muster.  I placed mine in my pillow case and often carried it around.
-Pocket Rock: There are some endurance and vitalizing properties to this rock.  I have it in my pocket today with a nice carnelian in the other pocket.  I wanted support for physical as well as spiritual energy today.
-Other Stuff: We grid with it, put it in elixirs, use it for offerings, use it when cramps are bad (that would be just me, Chris doesn’t have a uterus), and that kind of thing.
-Global Lightwork/Transpersonal Prayer Work: You can work with this stone when you are doing work for others or praying for the world in general.

Sacred Heart Hematoid Rose Quartz.  I’d say it is good stuff for bad times.  I would partner it with lepidolite, mangano calcite, Blue Rose Quartz, or any stone that has something to do with deep emotional work, transition, or crisis care.  It features as a center stone with lepidolite in the Hot Effing Mess Mitigation Grid.  Go figure, eh?

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Updated 2/17/2015

She Said: Metaphysical Meaning of Polychrome Jasper

Oh Poly, Poly… you little shape shifting minx, you.

Polychrome Jasper
See Polychrome Jasper at

I just sifted through files in the wooey room and found Chris and my old notes about polychrome jasper.  It made me laugh a bit because the original ~attempt~ at a reading was all the way back in January of 2013.  Polychrome was not grabbing anyone’s attention back then.  It was sitting on the shelf in the store and moving a little bit in wholesale, but no one was going, “WOW, where has this stone been all my life?!”

Yeah.  Polychrome Jasper was asleep.  The stone spirit, according to Chris’ shamanic journey back then, didn’t even really  know what it wanted to do or be yet.  We did a little ceremony to encourage it to, I don’t know, figure out a path to take…then essentially filed the notes and let the dust start to accumulate.

A lot has changed since January of 2013.  Polychrome is definitely awake and shaking her pretty, pretty fishnet stockings at us now.

First, just recently there was a new find of Polychrome Jasper that we call “ribbon polychrome jasper”.  It’s got amazing and mesmerizing rings and layers to it, the colors rich, dark, and sometimes even moving into the teal/blue family.

Polychrome Jasper
Click on Photo to See More Polychrome Jasper.

Second, we have all just been ~noticing~ it now.  All of us here in the warehouse have been saying, “Wow, look at that polychrome!”.  Stephanie, the warehouse manager, picked up a poly and admired it on all sides and said, “I don’t usually like polychrome, but I really like this piece!”

Indeed.  Welcome to the party, Poly.  You’re like one of those girls who has had an underwhelming and perhaps forgettable middle school presence, but now that you’re in high school, you are turning heads. Good for you.  It makes me smile inside that you have decided, uhhh…. on being and doing something.

Polychrome Jasper
Looks like a lotus flower to me.

I have always thought that polychrome jasper and mookaite jasper felt similar to me.  Jaspers, as a family, are about strength, endurance, power, and protection.  Vague much?  I know, but they are, look it up.  I associate mookaite jasper with the flow of raw resources in the process of creation or manifestation.  I feel the same way about polychrome.  It is connected to the flow of raw materials, thoughts, and energies that have the potential to be anything.

I also think that polychrome jasper has an awful lot of embryonic looking blobs as patterns, which suggests birth, creation, fertility, and somewhat goddessy overtones.  Other times it looks a whole dang lot like a landscape.

Polychrome Jasper
Looks like a womb to me.

It is also what Christopher calls a “figure stone”, which is when a stone exhibits patterns that look like something, such as a face, an animal, a landscape, or some other object.  Poly makes for an excellent ink blot test.  It’s actually one of her secrets.  The organic flowing patterns and what they look like to you are part of the support that is present.  Sometimes the patterns are quite obviously something specific.  Other times, there are shape shifting, kindasorta-if-you-turn-it-to-the-left, figures within it.  Who says she can’t change her mind?

Polychrome Jasper
Looks like a desert scene with a stormy sky.

For me, I am attracted to the polychrome jasper that has a lot of the earthy purples and pinks.  I love the teal.  I love it when it reminds me of a lava lamp.  I love it when I see faces and wombs and shamans and animals.  Some pieces… meh.  I don’t care for at all.  To me, this suggests that each piece really calls forth some very specific energies beyond her jaspery-ness.  Some of those energies you’ll find very helpful (wow) and others you won’t need at all (meh).

Polychrome Jasper
OK, this one doesn’t need explaining, eh?

So, pay attention to Poly.  She has many faces and many ways in which to serve.  She decided that what she wanted to be was whatever, *snaps*, she wants to be.  Raw materials can, after all, be molded into anything at all.  Poly has unlimited potential and you’ll know when it’s time for you to get one because you’ll just fall in love.  You’ll probably be saying, “I don’t know what it is about this rock, but I just like it.”

Yeah.  Poly.  You minx.

Polychrome Jasper Sphere
I see two lovers kissing.


Copyright 2015 Stacie Coller

Updated  5/15/2015

Yah Mule: Giant Crated Ammonites

Ammonites in Crates

Giant Madagascan ammonites in crates, from our tent at the 2013 JG&M wholesale show in Denver, CO.  Click on the photo to see more giant ammonites from Enter the Earth.

Enter the Earth is a retail, online, and wholesale company.  We maintain a wholesale warehouse in Asheville, NC and set up at gem shows across the country.   For wholesale inquires, please visit:

Yah Mule: Rose Quartz Sphere from Tucson

tucsonrosequartzsphereAn early morning at the 2014 Tucson gem show.  Sunlight on a giant Madagascan rose quartz sphere, with our tent and banner reflected in the surface.  To see rose quartz spheres at, please click here.  To read more about the metaphysical properties of rose quartz, please click here.

Enter the Earth is a retail, online, and wholesale company.  We maintain a wholesale warehouse in Asheville, NC and set up at gem shows across the country.   For wholesale inquires, please visit: